What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural and normal state we experience several times a day.  It’s the feeling we have while watching TV, reading a good book, playing video games and, yes, even driving. It is the state we are in when we are just waking up or going to bed.  We are not fully conscious, but we are not fully unconscious either.  

Most people engaged in these activities would not feel they are in hypnosis, but they are. They assume trance is what they see in the movies. Hypnosis is broader then what we see on TV.

We experience Hypnosis at many levels.  Hypnosis has varying brainwave stages.  Normal awakening consciousness stage is called Beta.  A person is fully functional and alert.  It is a light stage of hypnosis and even at this stage advertisers recognize they are able to influence us daily by bombarding us with commercials that will sway us by their catchy jingles and constant repetitions.

In the second stage called Alfa, a person’s physical activity can slow down and their mind is engaging in higher functions of focused attention. We are in this stage when we are on our computer, TV or when we are driving a car for a long distance. You know that feeling. It’s not that we are oblivious to everything. It’s just that we have tuned out all of the unimportant stimuli. Our focus is the road. If something were to happen which required your attention, such as a car trying to pass us, our body and mind would be able to properly respond.

Another example of hypnosis is playing video games. Some people can play video games for hours in one setting. If someone were to talk to them while they were in a video game session, they would be able to respond, however, the game player often feels he has only been playing for a fraction of the time he has actually been playing. This is because he was in hypnosis and experienced time distortion. This is perfectly normal and time alteration is experienced in most hypnosis sessions.

So hypnosis is no different than driving a car, playing video games or daydreaming. Most people would not feel they are in a trance during these activities but they are. They are in an Alpha stage. (Oh, by the way….. reading is a form of hypnosis, surprise! You‘re in hypnosis now!!! OK, let’s get back to our understanding of hypnosis…)

The next stage is Theta; the body can even be slower and less active, if at all. It is a day dreamy space for some, while for others they may feel hyper-focused where they are very open and suggestible.

The last stage is Delta which is deep sleep. Even in sleep our hearing is alert. A mother hears her crying child when she is sleeping soundly.  In the deeper stages you are up to 200 times more suggestible than when you are fully alert and awake.

The hypnotherapist uses the deeper stages of hypnosis to treat the causes of unwanted behavior.  At deeper levels, our unconscious mind is open and willing to allow the causes to be identified, dealt with and behaviors to be changed.

Hypnotherapy is safe, natural and beneficial because we are working with beliefs and emotions. This amazing tool allows us to get to the origin of the issue and heal at our very core. This healing gives us long and lasting results.