Weight Loss Mindfulness

Effective Weight Loss Requires Internal Motivation

In the quest for weight loss, diets and exercise programs are where most of us look to first — and second, third and so on.  No matter how scientifically sound a program may be, diet plans and exercise regimens are external forms of motivation.

We must control our eating to restrict ourselves to a list of allowed foods, or to a pre-set number of calories or points. We must report to the gym for a certain number of days and minutes each week. Without a powerful and resolute source of internal motivation, weight loss can feel hopeless.

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Overcome Subconscious Barriers to Weight Loss

The reason we struggle with weight loss isn’t because we’re lazy or unmotivated. The reason lies with the destructive inner monologue that our subconscious mind plays on a continuous loop. We may not even realize it, but it’s there.

Sometimes the monologue is fueled by words said to us years ago that the subconscious mind took as gospel. Or even more challenging, we may fuel this inner voice with the belief that we don’t deserve to be happy and healthy, or that we’re not strong enough to accomplish these goals.

Or maybe that soft-spoken little voice that only we can hear tells us that we aren’t good enough, therefore we sabotage our self.  Hypnotherapy silences the destructive inner monologue, allowing us to feel just how strong and deserving we are of happiness and health.

Hypnotherapy is based on the scientific principles of the mind and body connection.  Once our mind is aligned and on board with our internal goal, of weight loss, the body will naturally be supportive.