Trauma Healing

Hypnosis Trauma Healing in Riverton, UT

Trauma healing provides a safe and effective means to overcome the detrimental consequences of harrowing events and experiences.

The human trauma response is pre-programmed into us all from the first time the fight-or-flight instinct is used. Although many perceive a traumatic experience as affecting only the conscious mind, it also profoundly affects the subconscious and physical body too. These body memories can often be stored in touch, sound and smell.

The Trauma Imprint May Remain With You

When we experience trauma or even in the moment a perceived trauma, the subconscious mind is vulnerable and accepts the current traumatic moment as real. Although the experience itself may last only a few seconds, the trauma imprint remains in our subconscious long after the event has passed. This moment of perceived reality continues to haunt us. This deep fear of unsafety can fester and creates havoc in our lives until it is uncovered and healed.

A happy woman after hypnosis trauma healing in Riverton, UT

For some clients, trauma events are recent and pervasive, such as surviving a natural (or manmade) disaster or fighting in a war zone. Others may have experienced abuse as children or are still feeling the loss of a loved one from decades ago. We all might be surprised to learn that a highly embarrassing moment from elementary school can influence an anger problem.

Often these subconscious negative beliefs manifest themselves as sadness, fear, stress, substance abuse, or any number of other mental or emotional dysfunctions. Hypnotherapy can assist us in our journey back to health and help us to feel in control again.