Stress Management 

Holistic Stress Management

Chronic stress and strain take a significant toll on our body as well as our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. High blood pressure, heart disease and gastrointestinal upset are some of the most common.  However — especially over time — those affected can develop sadness, sleep disorders, joint and muscle pain, sexual dysfunction and suppressed immune system responses.

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Hypnosis addresses stress at its source —our subconscious mind.

Through hypnosis, we will learn to control the mechanisms that trigger tension and anxiety, and to activate our natural relaxation responses. Hypnosis is a highly relaxing and restorative process in itself.

Stress Management and Prevention

Hypnosis teaches us a new and effective way to approach our stress triggers, whether they relate to work, school or our personal lives. In fact, we will learn to overcome anxiety and tension even when we can’t identify its source.

If we commonly turn to food, alcohol or tobacco when we have a stressful day, we will find ourselves needing them less. You won’t need to disconnect from life when we are able to handle routine stressors better. By addressing the core cause, we feel more peace in our life.

Safe, Effective Stress Management Hypnosis

Hypnosis is easy, affordable, highly effective and efficient. Unlike other therapies, it creates lasting change that stays.

Hypnosis clears the deeper core stressors that are the underlying cause of the tension.  When the initial negative imprints are desensitized the tension decreases and peace is restored.

It’s also a practice you can use on your own, when you find yourself facing a potentially stressful scenario. Social anxiety, for example, responds exceptionally well to hypnosis, as does fear of public speaking.

When the subconscious heals, stress levels stabilize naturally and everyday problems are more manageable.