Pediatric Hypnosis

Pediatric hypnotherapy — the practice of working with children through hypnotherapy, is a safe and effective means of helping children deal with challenges, traumas, and other negative beliefs.  It is effective for children as young as 5. It is well documented and supported by medical research and the therapeutic community.  Our Hypnotherapist has worked with children for over 40 years.

Children are the best candidates for hypnotherapy because their brains are geared towards joyful imagination and they have a fresh perspective, untainted by the world.

Hypnotherapy can be life-changing for kids as they learn practical and effective methods of putting their powerful, young minds to work solving problems that range from overcoming bad habits to making friends.

How Pediatric Hypnosis Works

Hypnotherapy is particularly effective for Children because their young minds lean towards learning and imagination. They respond faster and easier to hypnosis because they are in a state of trance, and are normally in their unconscious minds. With the proper promptings they are simply guided and given new direction and healing is a natural result.

pediatric hypnosisWe typically encourage parents and caregivers to contact us ahead of time, so that we can gain an understanding of the concerns needing to be addressed. Then, accompanied by a parent, the child meets the hypnotherapist for the pediatric hypnotherapy session.

Common Applications for Pediatric Hypnotherapy

Before one chooses a medication-based treatment we encourage parents to consider children’s hypnosis. We have great success helping families overcome many common problems including bedwetting, nail biting and thumb sucking.

For academic challenges, kids’ hypnotherapy can increase focus and attention in school and help them ace that big test they’re worried about. We can help them improve their conduct, get more motivated and even perform better at sports.

For trauma, fears and separation anxiety, pediatric hypnosis can make a fundamental difference in your child’s happiness and well-being. This process is also highly effective for helping kids with grief resulting from divorce or the loss of a loved one, overcoming nightmares and sleepless nights.

We provide children with emotional tools that calm their fears and get through challenging situations. This provides an ongoing boost to their confidence and will help them deal with their challenges well into their adult lives.