Breaking the Smoking Habit

Most smokers have tried dozens of external methods to end their smoking habit.  Nicotine patches, gum and other smoking cessation aids can be little more than props designed to shift our focus away from cigarettes or smokeless tobacco.  In essence, these tools can simply transfer our habit to some other object.

smoking cessation

Smoking may be frustrating as well as interfering with our work, relationships and life. We tell ourselves if we are anxious, upset about our marriage, or had a bad day at work we can have a cigarette and we will feel better. The truth is, however, when we engage in this behavior we generally feel much worse about ourselves and our cycle-continues.

Hypnotherapy can promote change, in that it helps us to re-examine our relationship we have with smoking. It helps manage the emotions and hypnosis allows us to explore the subconscious resistance.

Hypnotherapy is based on the principles of the mind and body connection. When our emotions are aligned with our behaviors our goals are reached and freedom can be ours.