Meet Our Hypnotherapist

Mayvonne Wetzel is a happy wife and mother of four children. She is LDS, attended Brigham Young University and graduated in Psychology from the University of Utah.

During her tenure as a medical office manager, mayvonne1Mayvonne watched how often patients fell through the cracks of the western medical system due to their deeper core issues not being addressed. Her personal journey began as she searched to find other therapeutic approaches which would better serve the inner needs of the individual, rather than simply treating physical symptoms.

This journey has led Mayvonne to the study of hypnotherapy where she realized that true healing takes place in the spiritual and subconscious mind. This has directed her career to help restore joy, peace and enthusiasm for life. She loves her work and loves assisting in breaking the barriers that hold us back.

My Code of Ethics and Standards


Mayvonne holds a Certification Hypnotherapist recognized by the National Guild of Hypnotist. She regards the emotional welfare of her clients her primary obligation. She operates on principles of wisdom, integrity, spirituality, and professionalism. All information received is treated in the strictest confidence and without judgment. Respect is given to each client’s needs, right, and desires. Work is carried out to achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest amount of time.